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    Flip X and Y Axes in Portals?


      I have a timeline that works best in a vertical, "spreadsheet" view, because there are cells representing half-hour increments of a work day, each containing enough text that I need a bit of horizontal width.


      When creating a portal, is it possible to reverse the axes so that records are displayed vertically, from left to right?

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          No.... that question has been asked a lot.  You can do little workarounds, none of which are very elegant.  Sorry about that and I agree it would be a useful function.  I recommend you go to FileMaker help and pull down to "Provide FileMaker Feedback" and make this suggestion.  I made it about a year ago.  It didn't come out in 12... but who knows, maybe it'll make it in lucky 13. 

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            There are three ways to workaround:

            1. You can build a "horizontal portal" with a set of portals with number of rows: 1, increase initial row by 1.

            So assuming a 8 hour work day, with 30 minutes intervals, you'd need to create 16 portals and arrange them horiztontally.


            2. You can use a repeating calculation field and get the releated data you want to display into a repeating field which may be dispaly horizonaztally and vertically.

            Of course you can also use a regular repeating text field and fill the information in via a script.


            3. Webviewer: create a webviewer and display the data in html.


            Cons: quite time intensive to layout (1.), no autoresize in terms of getting more portal rows shown