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Anyone up for some FileMaker 6 stuff..?

Question asked by Nighthawk on Jul 29, 2012
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hi everybody...


i just need some help on my thinking... which i think i got the right idea.... however results returned by the if statement is incorrect... can anybody shed some light...?

so here it comes... tried with an embedded case statement... for example when entering a 4 i will get a result "now it is time"... and it should actually say... not calculating that...

any help is much appreciated...

regards from germany...



If(IsEmpty(inv age) or inv age < "10",


"not calculating that",


If(inv age > "10" and inv age < "20", "just issued",



If(inv age > "21" and inv age < "30", "coming up",



If(inv age > "31" and inv age < "45", "now it is time",



If(inv age > "46" and inv age < "60", "action required",