External data source activation/use

Discussion created by taddeima on Jul 28, 2012
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Hi all,

I wanted some advice / clarification on an issue of access to external data sources.
And most 'specially if it' can be forced not to seek FileMaker connecting with external data sources may be set in a db.

This is my scenario:
- File_A.fmp12 with import function into CUSTOMER table from a table named CLIENTI_TEMP belonging to File_B.fmp12
- File_B.fmp12 where there is an external data source called AccessToFileC (linked to one
filemaker db File_C.fmp12 hosted by a other PC than the one hosting File_A and File_B). One scheduled import is set, which downloads data from the CUSTOMER table in the File_C and insert them into CLIENTI_TEMP resident in File_B (in this second db CUSTOMER table belonging to File_C.fmp12 is mapped through "AccessToFileC").
File_C.fmp12 hosting CUSTOMER source table

The only files physically opened is File_A.fmp12


My problem is:

When launching the import script (in File_A) which loads data from File_B everything runs smoothly only if all the computers (either the one hosting File_A / File_B or the one of File_C) are available on the network.

In the event that the computer hosting File_C is not available, imports script from B to A fails and message "File_C.fmp12 not found" pops up as if the import function launched used in File_A forces File_B.fmp12 to activate the connection with the external data source to the File_C (after the error message, the navigation windows shows up asking for finding File_C.fmp12).

Imports A << B and B << C are totally independent and work properly.
In fact, if I cancel the request to find the File_C, the import process A << B is completed properly.

Thank you very much for any indication or suggestion.