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    Time display for value list


      FileMaker 12 on OS X


      I have a repeating field which contains a calculation to return a Time based on the number of the repetition. Every repetition represents 15 minutes, so the first repetition contains 0:00:00 (midnite), rep2 contains 0:15:00, up through rep96 contains 23:45:00

      The formula is (Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) - 1 ) * 15 * 60


      In the table where this field is defined, I can put the field on the layout and set the format to display as hhmm with AM/PM and it looks fine:

      12:00 AM

      12:15 AM

      12:30 AM


      11:45 PM


      Next I create a value list from this field, assign it to a global field (of type Time) and format the global to display as hhmm with AM/PM and I get this:







      What am I missing? How do I make the value list display the AM/PM values?





      Steve Moore

      Cumberland, Maine