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FileMaker Server Failover techniques

Question asked by PowerSlave on Jul 29, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2012 by wimdecorte

Hi everybody ,


I have recently placed a purchase order for a 2U 2node server system (2 servers hot swappable in a rack mound, each with 2 Xeon CPU's , 2 SSD drives with RAID, 2 failover power supplies etc). The reason for this is our FileMaker solution is running a complex billing engine that has (PHP) clients logging in to review data based on complex queries, and we cannot afford it to go down or go slow, and full redundancy will be required.

This database runs quite well on it's current server, but we are looking at around 100 concurrent PHP users at maximum peak time in the not too distant future , so I guess I'm trying to future-proof our platform.

My question is , has anybody had this type of setup where one server can clone another server ? I know there are software packages out there that can clone, however what is the situation of hosted databases by FileMaker Server ? I'ts my understanding that the database files should NEVER be touched while being hosted, and I was wondering if this issue would cause a problem with the cloning situation.

Has anyone tried this kind of setup before (excluding VMWare , not an option as we need FileMaker Support if things go wrong) , and if you have, what are your experiences ?


Regards, Lee.