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    iwp at fms12


      as i see iwp available in FileMaker pro 12 , FileMaker pro Advance and FileMaker Server Advance .


      but its not available only at FileMaker server 12 >.>" i need share my fileMaker database application throw web and its fine if got 5 users limit so only need 5 users can access throw web browser , company small and have little employees .

      if there any suggestion or my only way upgrade and pay more money to up great to FMSA .

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          can anyone tell me how custom web publishing is available in fileMaker Server too????

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            I don't really understand the quyestion, but I'll take a stab at answering anyway...


            You can run IWP from either the FileMaker Client or from FileMaker server - clearly to run it from FileMaker client you need to have client application open, and running at all times, and that machine it's on needs to be accessible from an external IP address - but that's one possible solution...


            A second solution is to purchase FM Server Advanced and used IWP from that - this is much more robust, but as you have identified also more expense.


            Finally you could use custom web publishing CWP, with FM Server (advanced is not required). This would mean using PHP (or another web programming language) to build web pages which would retrieve and submit data to your database.


            Does this help...?




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              thanx for ur answer steve and sorry if wasn't clear in my question , i want share my FileMaker application throw web browser exactly same when make share app by iwp and could 5 users use my app in same time.


              but this feature look not in fileMaker server  , i dont need buy FMS advance cuz i dont need 200 user connect with my app in same time , 5 users r really enough for me now ,


              so if there way share my appl throw iwp with FIleMaker Server or its only in advance one?

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                Is the database that you want to share with IWP already hosted on FileMaker server...? if so, then reaslitically your only sensible option is to upgrade your FMS to Advanced.


                If it is not hosted, then you could install a copy of FileMake client on a computer which is externally accessible from the internet (i.e. has a static IP address, or a route from one), then open the database on that client computer, and use the FM Client version of IWP - this will support up to 5 users only.

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                  FMSA12 has multiple additional features.  One is to allow more users to access it, but that is not a feature you need.  But another feature is that IWP works on FMSA and that is the feature you need.  You can't pick and choose which features you want in FMSA, it is what it is.  And it does cost a lot more.  If money. Is the problem, you can save a lot of money by going to a shared hosting solution that has FMSA.  That would be my suggestion.  WolrdCloud and Productive Computing and many others offer these solutions. 

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                    If you choose to set up FileMaker Server Advanced, be aware that you cannot use the current version of OS X for the Mac: Mountain Lion 10.8.  FileMaker Server Advanced cannot run IWP on Mountain Lion.  As far as I know, FileMaker Inc. has not said anything about when they will fix this problem (which they clearly should have been fixing during the months of developer previews).  If you are hosting FMSA on a Mac, you will have to use an older operating system in order to have IWP work.