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Discussion created by ChrisG on Jul 30, 2012
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Dear FMP guru's


I have been searching the archives and the net to try and find a solution to pages not breaking properly when printing. There is too much white space at the bottom of the page because FM refuses to break the body part across page boundaries. Here are the details:


FMA 12.0v2

Parts in the layout:

Title header


Leading subsummary sorted by a number field called sequence


Trailing summary



Title header, header, trailing summary and footer all print as they should.

All objects in all parts have "sliding up" and "reduce size of enclosing part" turned on.

The Leading subsummary part has two objects in it, a text field and a graphic object ( a grey rectangle the width of the page ).

The body part has two objects in it also. A text field for the heading and a merge field for the story. The body part and the merge field are large enough to contain a lot of text.

Each part has "allow break across page boundaries checked"


The body part does not break across page boundaries.


If I delete the Leading subsummary part, then the body does break across page boundaries.


If I bring the Leading subsummary part back, then once again the body does not break across page boundaries.


Page setup is set to A4, there is a generous fixed page margin of 36 pt.


Is it even possible to get a good page break when using leading subsummary parts?


thank you


Chris G