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Race times...millisecond

Question asked by mbenseman on Jul 30, 2012
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Imam using FM 11 advanced Pro


I am trying to enter race times in a database and need to include milliseconds. When in enter say 1:30.45, fm seems to store the milliseconds, but I can't get a field to display it.


I have tried setting the Time format to mmss and the number format to 2 decimal places, but all it displays is 1:30.00; it always seems to display two zeros. Nthe data is correct because if I turn it into a number of seconds I get 90.45.


What am i doing wrong on my layout edit box formatting? Also although I have seen reference to custom formats for time layout boxes, that does not seem to be an option when I am in the navigator.


I could enter the race times as number of second, just using a number field, but would like if possible to use time.


Any help most appreciated.