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    Race times...millisecond




      Imam using FM 11 advanced Pro


      I am trying to enter race times in a database and need to include milliseconds. When in enter say 1:30.45, fm seems to store the milliseconds, but I can't get a field to display it.


      I have tried setting the Time format to mmss and the number format to 2 decimal places, but all it displays is 1:30.00; it always seems to display two zeros. Nthe data is correct because if I turn it into a number of seconds I get 90.45.


      What am i doing wrong on my layout edit box formatting? Also although I have seen reference to custom formats for time layout boxes, that does not seem to be an option when I am in the navigator.


      I could enter the race times as number of second, just using a number field, but would like if possible to use time.


      Any help most appreciated.





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          In order to show fractions of a second, a Time field must be formatted to display 'As entered'.


          If you want a better formatted display, use a calculation field with a Text result - or perhaps a web viewer.

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            Hi Mark,


            I guess Michael has answered your question about how to format the field.


            Yesterday, I heard a FileMaker Success Tips podcast which claims that there's an undocumented function in FM12.


            Get (UTCmsecs)


            If I understand it correctly, it returns a time-stamp which includes milliseconds.


            I don't have FM12 yet, so I can't confirm that it's still undocumented.


            Steve Dolenski drew attention to it. Thanks, Steve.





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              Thanks...I'll have a look at it.

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                I use this undocumented function quite a bit in performance testing. It works like a charm. Having the higher resolution timer makes it so much easier to do performance testing, as I no longer have to create thousands and thousands of records to be able to make certain operations take long enough for the Get(CurrentTime) function to be useful.




                I sure hope Get (UTCmsecs) becomes a “documented” feature and sticks around! Please let FMI know you’d like to see this function become a permanent fixture.




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                  To clarify what the Get ( UTCmSecs ) function does, it returns a number of milliseconds (not already formatted as a timestamp) for UTC. You can convert the value to a proper timestamp with "GetAsTimestamp ( Get ( UTCmSecs ) / 1000 )". If you want a millisecond-precision timestamp for the current timezone, you'll have to compare that to Get ( CurrentTimestamp ) and make any appropriate adjustments. That said, the original post says mbenseman was using FileMaker 11; if that's still the case, this is a moot point, since FileMaker 11 doesn't have this function.

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                    jbante wrote:


                    this is a moot point, since FileMaker 11 doesn't have this function.


                    And, IIUC, the original question was about formatting manually entered times - not capturing the current time.

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                        Well, I only brought it up to alert developers who are interested in capturing Time in milliseconds that this neat undocumented function exists.


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                          I am coing back to using FM12 after not having done anything in it for about 10 years.  I have a related question that I hope sombody can answer for me.


                          I am also trying to create a database for race results, and this string answers one of my queries.  But I have another one that is baffling me.


                          The sport is dragonboating and we have clubs racing at a regatta in multiple races, and they race in six lanes, and the points they get in those races add up to a championship at the end of the season.


                          I am starting as a base record being the race number at a particular regatta, the lane the club is in, the timing of the race and the place they came in that race.


                          what I am trying to create is a race draw where the column headings are the lanes and the race number is on the left hand side.  By using a calculating field I can get a report to show the result of who is in what lane, but that means for every race I would have 6 rows with only one field in each six lanes showing a result.  I was hoping that I could use a summary function that showed the result of any calculation in the lane funcion, but no luck.


                          This is all hard to explain, but hope I have done it sufficiently,


                          does anybody have any ideas?





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                            what I am trying to create is a race draw where the column headings are the lanes and the race number is on the left hand side. 


                            You are trying to create a cross-tab report. Search for that and you'll find plenty of references.



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                              Thanks I will do that


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