Using FileMaker Pro for thousands of images

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Jul 30, 2012
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Hello all,


I am considering getting my photos out of iPhoto and into a filemaker pro database (12) - I have 4000-5000 photos I want to share between 2-3 computers. At the moment, iPhoto is sharing the images from within iphoto on a mac-mini server, but it is slow to display the image thumbnails.


Has anyone done anything similar using FileMaker Pro 12. I have FMPro server 12 and copies of FileMaker on each computer, but would this be any faster? I would be aiming to build something that will display as many thumbnails as possible on one layout... am I going to see better or worse performance that iPhoto.


The server is a mac-mini running 10.8, FMServer 12 and is a core2duo 2.66 Ghz. (4 GB RAM - I know, I should have more, yeah yeah!)