FileMaker Pro 12 - My findings so far

Discussion created by FXDB2 on Jul 30, 2012
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With the release of 12v2, I am now finding performance more comparible to FileMaker 11, so have decided to start experimenting more with the new features.

Although Im still experimenting with ideas, I would put together a few things I have noticed which I dont think are documented and likewise ask the same.



Conditional Formatting and new design tools:


1. Conditional Formatting does not allow the use of Gradients. Since its CSS behind the scenes, I wonder why this was omitted?


2. Conditional Formatting over-rides 'Mouse over' effects, whilst this seems like the correct decision I really wish there was an option (or more control in some way)

i.e Mouse over a row in list view will not show if conditional formatting is also used.


3. Why do themes apply certain effects such as a field glow which is impossible to edit / define yourself *sigh*.


4. For quite some time, we have used the trick/workaround of setting a font-size with conditional formatting to hide text when required. When converted to FM12 this appears to no longer work correctly, neither does setting the font to have 'no color'.

Using a font size of 500px used to work well, even though it was a workaround, now it causes the text area to expand. Setting the font to no color, just causes it to be white at least with the limited tests I have done so far.

Alternatives (for me at least) are either: setting the text as variables and using <<$$text>>, or keeping the text separate from anything with a background color (i.e a button)




New tab control behaviours:

I absolutely love the fact that tab controls only contain items explicitly placed into them, this opens up a world of possibilites (*or could)


1. In FileMaker Pro, Tab controls can be placed over the top of a portal for instance and can be used for things such as dialog boxes / popup menus (with a little thought) there are a few steps / considerations to make it practical, but it works really well.

*However when opened with FileMaker Go, this is not the case. In Go, the portal will always show in front, regardless of the stacking order.

I found a great article about this whilst looking for possible workarounds, but I didnt really want to use a webviewer: http://www.teamdf.com/weetbicks/tab-controls-overlay-menus-revealing-filemaker12/151/



2. Im going to find it difficult to describe this one, but I find it time consuming / difficult to remove all lines / borders from tab controls. Setting the option to none does not always work, I find myself having to change to 1/2 pts first, then another style such as dotted, before choosing none.. which works in the end.



Web Viewer

Admittedly, I have not thoroughly tested this, but... something is different in terms of rendering pages.

I have a machine running Windows 8 Release Preview which has IE10....lets not get into metro here

In FileMaker 11 there is a rendering issue with a particular page where elements do not quite line up ( a small css adjustment needed)

However, on the same machine with the same page, Filemaker 12 renders it absolutely perfect, so have they changed the the engine in use or perhaps the rendering mode?



And now for a small bug, I still need to submit this...

On Windows, if the formatting bar is enabled, the screen will turn white during a search, even with freeze window set.

There is no such issue when the formatting bar is turned off. The Status toolbar does not have the same issue either.



I would be interested in seeing what others have noticed, what if anything required/requires fixing/tweaking in your solution when converted, if anything. Not including documented changes



Steve Wright