SQL 2008 slow Filemaker / PHP export observed

Discussion created by fmmotorola on Jul 31, 2012
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We are trying to provide a web based app (Internal Facing) to users to search a large set of product data and export based on their filter criteria.


We have built the layout in Filemaker, created a PHP site (via the Site Assistant), and loaded 2 million + rows into our SQL Table. We have created the necessary relationships and linked the external data sources properly in the FM app. We are able to search the data, we are able to export, but the export process either hangs or takes a very long time to complete even with small result sets of 2000 rows or less.


Current Architecture


  • Filemaker 11 Server (Both FMS and PHP Server)
  • Filemaker 11 Clients or PHP Web
  • Tables and data are in SQL 2008 (Dedicated Server)


What are some recommended best practices for improving performance of external datasources with FM / PHP front ends ??? Initial research indicates SQL views might address some performance, but will lose all FM layout flexiblity.


Thanks for any and all input


Glenn Cooper / Robert White

Motorola Solutions, Inc