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    Referenced Container Image not Printing with Save as PDF


      FileMaker 11 and FMS 11 server on Apple XServe Snow Leopard Server.


      I have container fields with 320c480 dpi JPG referenced from the file server.

      When using the Save As PDF step, the JPG is showing up as white (literally a white box when I take apart the PDF in AI). Text and stored artwork are fine.


      Same method, but creating the PDF with Mac OS or Adobe Acrobat image the JPG on the PDF correctly.

      Stored graphics, or referenced from server and inserted on the layout also image correctly.

      Referencing graphics on other shared volumes are also fine.

      Once or twice, I got it to image the JPG on the PDF from a new layout, then it started with the blank boxes again.


      I'm testing via internet (AFP and FMNET) and given Verizon is having trouble today, I would be suspicious of the slow connection, but client is experiencing same result from within the LAN.


      Testing directly from Preview to rule out script problem. Tried all PDF options as well (Acro5–7 etc).


      Any ideas?


      I did switch to creating the form directly in the file with the container, but that only served to confuse "Append to PDF" (this graphic report appends to a parent report, otherwise I'd just use the OS).


      I tried a calculated container of the filepath from a text field but it behaves the same. This ALSO occaisionally does not display on screen with a text error displayed, possibly hinting at latency(?).

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          Follow up.

          FM11's Save as PDF can't see image when referenced path contains a folder or a file with a "/" in the name (client's product serial numbers as file names).

          I can resolve by using a calculated path to the files, and replace all /s with hyphens on both files and file path text.


          Anyone know if it is possible to edit the container fields own path? I assume not, but won't tackle redoing files until tomorrow.

          I have yet to test if any other characters trip it up.