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    Currency Field Type


      I have just switched from another database to Filemaker Pro Advanced, because my old database does not have a Mac OSX version. I have searched for an answer to my question in the help areas, but cannot seem to find the right place. So, please forgive this basic question, if it is addressed elsewhere.


      My question is this...I have several fields in my table that are always a currency field. The "type" selection only has a "number" type, and not a currency type. The problem this presents is that I can create a layout, and define those fields as currency and set the parameters. However, it only defines the field as currency on that single view of the report. Switching to browse, makes the field a standard unformatted number again. Creating another layout, means that I have to reformat those fields again.


      Is there anyway to make a field to be globally formatted as currency? I would think there would be a way, so that the developer is not constantly repeating the same step.


      Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide.



      Marty Wynn

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          Depends what you want to do with the data in the field


          Make it a text field but enter a number,

          You can do an autoenter calculation to

          "€ " & Self

          Or I am sure there will be custom functions on Brian Dunning for the purposes of formatting as currency


          Then to use in a calculation use GetAsNumber(field)

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            Stephen Huston

            Once you have formatted the field on one layout as currency, you can use the layout field as a template, copying it from the layout where it is formatted as you want, and pasting it into any other layout, and the formatting will travel with it.


            Unfortunately, currency isn't a data type in FM, just a format option for number data, so the formatting has to be done whenever it is created from scratch. The copy and paste between layouts is fast, and you can also select multiple fields and format them all the same at once if you have multiple currency fields on a single layout.

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              Just search http://www.briandunning.com/ for 'currency' and you will get a few examples. A good example is here: http://www.briandunning.com/cf/615


              May suit to have 2 fields - 1 for the number and another auto-entering a calculation using the custom function to create the text.

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                Stephen Huston

                When using a text field for formatted currency, keep in mind that the indexing of that field will be the text string, not the number itself. This will be critical if you attempt to use the field for either sorting or searching. Using a properly formatted number field will allow sorting and searching based on the number index, whereas a text/currency field is only useful for display purposes.

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                  Thank you, because that is my problem.  If it is a formatted text field, then the sorting order gets all out of order


                  I appreciate everyone's response.  I just assumed I had overlooked the function somewhere.  I understand the idea of using a layout as a template, or the copying of a field to another layout.  However, those are extra steps that could be eliminated if there were a "currency" type.  I also understand that not all "types" could be address without it becoming unmanageable.  Yet, a "currency" type is a basic and elementary type.   It would be very helpful and save type, instead of the copy and paste routines.


                  Thanks anyway.  I will add that, overall, I have been extremely impressed with Filemaker's capabilities and ease of use.  I'm glad I made the switch.

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                    However, those are extra steps that could be eliminated if there were a "currency" type.  I also understand that not all "types" could be address without it becoming unmanageable.  Yet, a "currency" type is a basic and elementary type.


                    Then think of number format as your "type".


                    Currency is a relatively common usage for numbers but it is still just an application of a number. It's expressed clearly in base 10 with a leading or trailing symbol, such as $.


                    Weights, volume and length are much better candidates for a special type because many people still use customary measures. ( 12 * 1in = 1ft ; 36 * 1in = 1yd ).  Thinking along those lines, it would be rather nice to have an option for numbers in which we are able to specify the base when we define the field. Wouldn't that be handy?