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Discussion created by Tom_Droz on Jul 31, 2012
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Filemaker Advanced 11.


I have been doing this for years and from time to time have had an oddity, but now it is a consistent problem.


I have two identical databases with different data. I run a script that imports all data from 25 tables from database A in to Database B.


I start with a script that goes to each and every layout and performs a shows all.

The script then goes to each of the layouts that have the records of the 25 tables and imports the records. Now I am consistently getting zero records from one table, when I go to that layout it appears to show all records.


The best approach is not to open the database, and then I am assured of all records. However if I don’t open the database I am asked 25 times for the password (both files have the same credentials). Very frustrating! There has to be a better native to Filemaker way. Anyone have insight on this?



Thanks in advance