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    Unable to get WPE to connect with master (FMS12 v1)


      I am trying to upgrade an existing two server solution to FMS12.


      Master - W2008 R2 Std

      Worker - OSX-10.6.8 server.


      Worker installs.

      On Master it seems to work until it trys to communicate with the WPE after it restarts.


      On OSX box. - Apache is running. Can even see /ipaddr/fimi-test/ directory BUT /test just sits there.

      Deployment assistent fails on the attempted restart of WPE. java.net.connectionException: Connectrion timed out.


      I have read the friendly manual.

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          from the master, on the command line : fmsadmin restart wpe


          If that fails, reboot the web server.


          If there is still no response, reboot filemaker server.

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            Nope.  Helpful step, I forgot about the WPE reboot command.... BUT.


            Had tried all of those, other than the command line, but it still shows the same problem.  I THINK that somehow it didn't set up correctly because the other clue is that if you goto /ip/fmi-test/ and click on the php or xml file, they download instead of getting interp.  So the php that FMS loaded is not responding to that.  BUT this is a 2nd clean install of FMS12 and it is showing the same problem.



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              It sounds to me like the web engine not being installed correctly. Did you stop the web services when you reinstalled?

              Also check your java is up to date.... and that the loading order is correct regarding the 64 vs 32 bit java bundles. Swap their positions and restart and see if that helps.


              - Lyndsay

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                    Just for the record.  The deployment wizard says it stopped the web server ( every time as the first step )...  So you need to turn it off ( in the OSX admin tool? or ?  before you install the worker or when I attempt to install the master?


                Java is 1.6.0_33-b03-424   ( anybody have a working 10.6.8 FMS webserver can see if that’s the java they have?



                eg the deployment tool says:





                Stop web server                                             succeeded

                Create FMI virtual directory configuration file             succeeded

                Add FMI config file to apache httpd.conf: /Library/FileMaker Server/Admin/admin-helper/WEB-INF/conf/fmi-test.conf succeeded

                Test web server (  succeeded



                START DEPLOYMENT



                Step 1: Save settings:

                Save administrative configuration settings                  succeeded

                Step 2: Configure Database server (DBS):

                Set WPE Authorization Info                                  succeeded

                Set XDBC AutoStart to yes                                   succeeded

                Update XDBC deployment configuration                        succeeded

                Start XDBC                                                  succeeded

                Step 3: Configure AdminServer:

                Save WPE deployment settings                                succeeded

                Save web server deployment settings                         succeeded

                Save DBS deployment settings                                succeeded

                Restart WPE                                                 Sending request error (attempt #1): java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect

                Reindex log files                                           succeeded



                Deployment completed at 7/31/12 7:43 PM


                Now the interesting one about this, when I went to check it, was that - hey what are all these extra logs...


                and the pe_application_log   now says that wpc1 FMS web pub engine started and stopped.


                Right after this deployment at 19:52 it started... But I sure don't remember any green on web publishing....


                So the answer is just to keep rebooting and sooner or later it will (may) work?  ;-)

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                  Another reinstall, an no luck.


                  Another bit I noticed.  When I first install the FMS master it wants to talk to a web client at iMac76.csi2007.com.


                  When I roll over the start web button - THIS IS STILL in the rollover  Even though in the pane to the right it shows which is not that box.

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                    The issue was that the reverse DNS had a bad entry. 


                    The clues.


                    1. It took forever to run the deployment assistent and to start up the console.  AND when you had the deployment assistent run - giving the  error, it took forever ( 15 minutes with almost NO CPUs ) after clicking OK.


                    2. Also using the command line to restart the WPE, said it worked, and started the logs BUT did not change the console. ( and didn't work when you try the tests )


                    3. With one setting in the Server status Over view pane, < x.x.x.x>  the roll over for the start / stop of web services said something else.!! ( which the something else was the bad DNS entry )

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                      wow! That is an interesting read and I am glad it wasn't my dilemma. Well done for figuring that out! It really helps to have a full history of the machine you use as a server, including all those peripheral things like DNS entries. Who'd have thunk!


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                        The issue is due to the way the deployment assistance is doing a reverse DNS and then doing a DNS lookup on the IP to get the final domain name.  So the reverse needs to match the actual domain.  I wrote up a long explanation on my blog here :