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open as a package ?

Question asked by fatchemist on Aug 1, 2012
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We use a central PC for formulating. Each formulator has his/her own lab book. In the past they had

only to click on their desktop icon and it would open filemaker Pro and the accompanying database as well as the lab book.

Since converting from Filemaker 3 to Filemaker 11 They have to click on their icon to open Filemaker Pro 11 and their lab book

and then open the accompanying raw material file separately. If they forget, the fields are not populated with the correct codes

which results in batch tickets for production being cut with the wrong materials and subsequently having to be scrapped. Is there

a way to force the support data base to open with Filemaker 11 when the individual lab book is opened so that the formulators

do not have to open it separately? Or possibly force it to open with the lab book without a separate action?


Scratching my head