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Firewall port for authorized access to File Display Filter?

Question asked by theboyk on Aug 1, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2012 by davidhead

Does anyone know if there's a required port on the firewall (aside from 5003) that needs to be opened on a firewall to utilize the authorized File Display Filter option (ie. "List only the databases each user is authorized to access")? I have a number of remote users who are trying to access FileMaker via Open Remote > Favorite Hosts. They can see the server and when they click on it, it asks for their username/password combination, but when they enter their password, they get denied access with the window saying they don't have access to do what they're trying to do.


When they attempt the same thing, but on the LAN, via Open Remote > Local Hosts, the same username/password request is presented, but this time it accepts the credentials, and they're given access to the database display as they should.


As well, if I disable the option to "List only the databases each user is authorized to access" (ie. change it to "List all databases"), then the user has no issues acccessing/opening the databases (thus, it has something to do with authorization for displaying the list of available databases with " "List only the databases each user is authorized to access" is enabled).


I have tested this myself, with my own username/password, and can replicate it every time.


So, this leads me to believe there's an issue with communications through the firewall.


I'm running FileMaker 10 Server and have tested against FileMaker Pro 8.5 and FileMaker Pro 9. My firewall is set to allow traffic through port 5003.