IWP FileMaker 12 - Layout objects not appearing correctly

Discussion created by mgohil on Aug 1, 2012
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Hi -


I have a FileMaker database that I'm currently running on FileMaker 12 Server (Advanced), with IIS running on the machine.


The end user is viewing this via IWP.


The issue is this: Most users are able to view the layout without any problems. However, one user does not see all the objects that are on this layout. This layout uses Portals to view fields from another file.


The user that is having problems is using Windows XP and viewing via Internet Explorer (IE8). What makes this interesting is that I have another user that is also on IE8 and Windows XP, and that other user is able to see everything fine.


Both users are in the same office (physically), behind the same firewall, and on the same network.


My question - why is the one user having problems viewing SOME objects that are in the portal, but another user who is on an identical system is not having the same issues.