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    Send Mail via Windows7 client


      Does anybody have a favorite method of overcoming the Windows 7 security warning when using the FileMaker SendMail script step with Perform Without Dialog turned on?


      I would prefer to solve this without a plug-in, if possible.


      Thanks in advance --


      Dennis Burnham

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          Use the built-in SMTP option in the Send Mail script step?

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            I agree with Wim, but do you mean Windows 7 or Outlook generating the message. If it is the usual Outlook message, you may find your answer with "ClickYes", but then you really are comprimising your security.



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              I may have to look for a more recent edition of Click Yes.  The one I have is not working.  This is a client who insists on writing some personal additional paragraph into each of the auto-generated email messages before they go out, which is why I cannot use SMTP without interrupting the script with a dialog that allows the entry of that additional paragraph so that it can be inserted when the email is created.  No, she wants to look at the 100+ emails in her outbox and examine them, one by one, before sending them out.


              I can defeat the Windows security pop-up warning by turning off Perform Without Dialog, but that just opens up a big clutter of a hundred or more windows.


              thanks for at least confirming that I am not overlooking something

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                You will be looking at the paid version, which last time I looked only works with 32 Bit outlook, there are other ways but boy are they ugly, we are talking windows os level automated scripting, which for me, was the only way a client would let fm and his accounting program talk.