A Quirky ODBC Import Discovery

Discussion created by DanielShanahan on Aug 2, 2012

A client of mine is importing approximately 30 tables from an atiquated system built in MS SQL (I don't know what version). The import was via ODBC on a windows machine. Initially, she imported the data into MS Excel though apparently there were limitations so one or two were imported into MS Access. At the time she had not yet purchased FMP 12 but has done so now and the import is taking place via FMP 12. Most of the tables imported just fine. But one table was a little quirky.


We knew that there were 135k+ records in a particular table. When importing into FileMaker Pro 12 the import dialog confirmed this. However, at the end of the import, only 123,999 records actually came over (see Import screenshots.pdf). As an aside, when importing into MS Excel or MS Access via ODBC for this table, there was an Unspecified System Error = -21000 (see MS Excel and Access error message.pdf).


Other tables with more fields and more records imported via ODBC just fine. But this one table didn't. Then, we slighly changed the SQL query on the import. Instead of


SELECT tableName.*

FROM tableName


We did


SELECT tableName.*

FROM tableName

ORDER BY tableName.id


And that did the trick! I have no idea why and if anyone can shed light on the matter that would be most welcome. I wanted to post it here in case others run into this.