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I have a database with master/child tables. When I create a new master record in a layout with a portal to the child table, the very first portal entry appears to be duplicated in an odd fashion. The attached screen shots show the progression from starting the first portal record to after another portal entriy is made--the result shows 3 portal records when only two were intended. Any ideas? I have attempted to verify that the fields in the portal are totally encompassed by the portal--the shading in the screen shots shows the boundaries of the fields from the child table that are used in the portal.



s1 new record no data.jpg

this shot shows portal before any data entered but field2 is active and waiting keyboard input

s2 data in fld1 wo tab.jpg

this screen shot shows data entered in field2 of first portal record, no tab or return key


in this screen shot, tab key was pressed to leave field2, data was entered into field3 and cursor is now in field4


this screen shot shows tab key was pressed through remaining fields in line2 to start another line; notice that value originally entered in Field2 for first line is now blank


this last screen shot shows result after clicking outside of the portal--portal display is updated with original value of field2 of line 1 restored an another line (2nd entry in screen shot) showing remaining field values entered previously--now showing as a separate child record; then 3rd line shows original values for 2nd line of data entered.


I have also attempted to recreate the entire layout from scratch and am getting the same result. the data is being pulled from a separate/external file--the data structures are stored there; the layouts are stored in the current file The relationship in the external file is the same as what I'm using in the current file--at least from what I can tell from repeated examinations of these two files' graphs.


Any ideas where else I should start looking for a solution?