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Licencing / locking a FileMaker Go app for single iPad/iPhone using GUID / UUID or similar?

Question asked by ronhof on Aug 3, 2012
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Hi everyone,


I am currently researching if it possible to use Filemaker Go for a small application that is to be used by several people in several companies.


I would very much like to define how many devices each company uses by creating some kind of user accounts, so if they purchase a licence for 15 iPads they should not be able to 'loan' out the personal account to others.


Question is:
Is it possible to LOCK a given device to a given username using for instance some kind of GUID to prevent the user to use this on several devices?


Maybe using Get(PersistentID) or GET(UUID)?

I guess there could be several approaches to acheive this, please chime in.


If this is possible, are there any examples that I could toy around with.


Any help is very much appreciated.


Regards Ronny