Backup Schedules - Trouble with Start & End Times in FMS 12

Discussion created by MattGreger on Aug 2, 2012
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Does anyone know if there is a problem setting Backup Schedule Start and End Times in FMS 12?


When I set the time, it's actually 3 hours off. So if I enter 5AM to 2PM, it's actually 8AM to 5PM. The actual time displays in the Schedule Summary.


When I installed the server, Windows 2008 Standard, it was defaulted to Pacific Time, I changed it to Eastern Time. This was after FMS was installed. It's almost like entering the time is in Pacific Time and the Schedule Summary shows in Eastern Time. I tried changing my time zone on the server back to Pacific Time and seeing if that did anything but nothing. What you enter in the Start and End Times seem to be 3 hours behind.