Is There a More Intuitive Way to Handle Time Fields?

Discussion created by kcunning on Aug 3, 2012
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Various clients of mine have complained about having to work in Time fields:

- they are confused by military time;

- they don't need the inclusion of seconds in their workplace;

- it throws them off when they see a field that says "3:45 PM" on the

interface (me trying to be helpful, and trying to conserve width),

only to find themselves editing the raw data in the form "15:45:19"

(or what have you) when they click in the field;

- it is problematic to see the long-form of the Time split across two

lines because of field width, e.g., the "15:45:19" mentioned above

appears split into:



when you click into the field...



The interface on iOS seems more natural for folks (hour, minute, and

am/pm rollers), but we don't have a built-in equivalent in desktop

FMP (my users are pre-12, and non-iOS, btw).


I've seen some databases use a pop-down menu (of 15-minute

increments) to avoid having users enter the time field directly, but

I need more granularity in the minutes.


It has even occurred to me to dispense with Time fields entirely and

instead use text fields, with some custom functions to test and

format entered data appropriately. (This is not necessarily very

efficient, as I do need to compute lapsed time from begin to end

times, so I'd need shadow fields.)



So, what are folks doing to work around such limitations?


Does anyone have an effective approach to presenting Time data that

1) omits seconds, and 2) is consistent between presentation and







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