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    Saving PDF


      Right now im creating a Order form and i am wanting to do something.

      what i want to do is i made a Save As PDF button on the order form and im wondering how can i when i push the " Save as PDF" button it goes to the customer name field and saves it with the customer name with out entering it manually is there a way to do this?



      Thanks Austin

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          First you set a variable with the Path of the PDF to be exported.  Then you Save a Copy As using this variable (e.g., $Path).  The set a variable $Customer ID equal to whatever the report's Customer ID is.  Then you need to go to a Documents table that is related to Customers by some type of Customer ID.  Create a new record inserting the the $Customer ID as well as inserting a Picture into the container field.  Below is a rough starting point of such a script.  But make sure your relationship graph is set up with the proper Table Occurrences first so that there are relationships between the Documents Table Occurrence and the Customer Name's Table Occurrence.