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    Playing sound and fmGo ?




      It seems sound is one of the things that fmGo is not compatible with Windows/MacOS, if thats the way it is then so be it.


      With fmGo 12, they introduced support for recording and playing IOS compable sound, that's great.


      But, for me anyway, I can find no way of playing it in the background, the whole screen gets taken over to play the sound and then you get to go back to fmGo.


      Anyone have a trick to make it stay in the background and play, I really want sound but not at the price of not seeing my layouts.




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          Wow... yet another way to use FileMaker I had never thought of, as a music player.  Most interesting and thanks for sharing that tidbit. 


          The issue is more that iOS still is not really multi-tasking and only certain apps are really given permission to play well in the background and FileMaker is not one of those blessed by Apple to do so.  Pretty much when you switch apps, FileMaker goes to sleep and anything happening in it stops as far as I can tell.  Sorry about that, just how it is for now. 


          Fortunately, Apple does have a pretty nice music play in iTunes that they have spent a lot of time refining and it probably will do a better job as a music player than FileMaker even though I think it is really cool that you have gotten FileMaker to be a music player at all. 

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            Thanks for the reply, but what I really want it to do is at least speak, as in speak("Well done") or speak("The answer is 5").


            That's not supported on fmGo (yet?) so I was going to record them all, even in ios format if I had to.


            Background for anyone interested, I helped develop a suite of applications for K12 and also my son is Autistic, so I have developed some "Kids on the Spectrum" & Pre-K12 education games for him using FileMaker (great for keeping track of progress). There is nothing like verbal feedback and a bit of music, hence the need.


            He loves his "Toy Story" counting game, but without sound it's back to XCode and I need help with Cocoa and C++


            Guess I'll be waiting till fmGo gets more permissions at the ios level.




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              Thanks for the additional insight into what you are doing and it really is quite creative. 


              Yes, Apple is sandboxing and locking out apps left and right for permissions to access the OS level, so it isn't looking good for expanding FileMaker Go's abilities.  In fact, the whole reason there are no plugins for FileMaker Go is to keep FileMaker from talking outside of its sandbox (e.g., plugins that do file manipulation or are pretty much able to do whatever like Scriptmaster's groovy language).  But maybe if FileMaker does the coding its app can be approved and provide more support for sound in the background.  I think as mobile devices get more powerful, Apple will start allowing more in the background than it does now.  It is amazing how far we have come, but I'm always wanting more!

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                Hi Singo,


                Have you looked into using a web viewer all?


                I could be way off base here, but I have a feeling that if what you are wanting is possible, it might be via a web viewer (possibly using the FMP protocol to play the audio via HTTP or something like that?).


                Richard Carlton had a really interesting presentation at DevCon called "Extending FileMaker Go" that might be worth a watch and may give you a few ideas:







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                  Thanks for the reply.


                  That will work I think if it was downloading the sounds from the web, not sure about local files (I'll have to test). And I really don't want any dependancy on the internet.


                  Inside a web viewer, would it be slower?


                  Thanks for the ideas I'll have to test.


                  Yes it's



                  Paul, have we had a drink together sometime at devcon one year? My memory is shocking...

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                    Keep in mind that you can use the web viewer to show local FileMaker data, it doesn't have to be sourced from the web (not sure how it will go with audio files though!).


                    This year was the first year I attended DevCon so I don't think we have had a drink together, doesn't mean we can't in the future though





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                      Hello Glenn and Paul,


                      Not long ago another developer was giving the webviewer audio technique a try on FM Go.


                      His post:  https://fmdev.filemaker.com/message/89279


                      Note that, though there did seem to be a security issue with accessing the local file from FM Go, this issue surfaced by trying to read from the Documents directory.  It seems to me that it would still be worth giving it a try using the temp directory instead.  I don't have high expectations for that to work, but I've learned not to rule anything like this out until actually trying it...


                      Another thought:


                      I think it would be worth looking into what might be achieved by using technique described at the following:




                      Certainly it's not what I'd call a particularly savory idea to have to record all of your audio files and encode as mp3 and then translate the resulting file to data:audio/mp3;base64.


                      That said, this seems like like an avenue that has some potential for you, particularly since your post indicates that you are recording only small sound snippets.  The real downside as I see it would be the increased file size needed to store this data.


                      If you try either of the above, please do let us know how it works out.  I'm particularly interested in the data URL technique just because I'm curious about whether it works, and, if so, how well.  If I get a chunk of free time, I might try this out myself...


                      Very best and good luck!





                      Update 20 minutes after my initial post:


                      I did a little bit of poking around to see what the general developer experience is like embedding HTML5 audio for use on an iPad.   It does not look pretty.  I figured I'd mention this so as to avoid steering you without warning in a direction which may prove to be frustrating or difficult.


                      Here are a couple of relevant articles.  The first one may be all that you need to read...







                      Sorry for the discouraging news...



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                        I guess this becomes easy to answer for me by saying, on the iPad, using safari, what happens when there is background music on a website or when you click play on many of the websites eg mp3skull.com that plays mp3 thru the browser ?


                        Is the browser windows sent to the back and ios brings the music app to the front ? If so, for me that's the killer (at the moment), and I can't see that fmGo can react any differently, but tonight, after the kids go to bed, I'll give it a go.





                        PS the iPad is such a fantastic K12 educational tool, it would be great to be able to use the power of fmGo and more of the capabilities of ios,to make fmGo more than "the database of choice".

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                          I created "flash cards" for my grandson and they work well on my Mac, because the Speak script step works there. It does NOT work on Windows or iOS.


                          I wish for support for this, as well on all platforms.


                          BTW, I have the flash cards for sight words and math (addition, subtraction). I let him "guess", then click the "play" to hear (as the answer appears -math). I make him repeat and the answer goes away (math).

                          It's not 'fancy' with scores, but it does the review for him. I'd just like to have it on my (his!) iPad.


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                            Sounds like we are chasing the same thing, I guess that can only mean one thing "feature request"


                            Maybe we can have fmGo Advanced that isn't free and has an enhanced feature set ? Am I joking ? Not sure