Need help with drop down list. How do you add choices such as if this is selected then show me this.

Discussion created by simpleonline1234 on Aug 5, 2012
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Hey guys,


I'm new to FileMaker Pro and I am building a database that will have three drop down list to choose from in my app.


I am trying to figure out to have my drop down display options based on what was chosen in the first category.


An example is I am building a photo location database and drop down one is Main Category. Inside the main category there are about 30 sub categories to choose from and then each of those folders have third tear options.


I'm trying to tell my application if Main Category Vacation is selected in drop down one then only show me the sub categories for this Folder. And then if I dig into that Sub Folder one I get beaches.


Hope this isn't to crazy but what I've done is created drop down list for each main category and for each sub category. I thinking I could just setup a relationship between the options but since they are not tables I wasn't able to do this.


I also found there is a scripting option but when I go to choose from the list I don't see my full list of drop down options, only the fields that on my current page like Username, Password,etc.


Any help would be awesome. I've picked this project up and put it down many times over the course of the year and I'm just going to gut it out to finish the project.