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IWP-Container Content Email via Script

Question asked by NewFM_Dev on Aug 5, 2012
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I am using FMP12 advanced.

I've used IWP to publish some files in a container.

I've written a script to allow people to d/l the content of the container using a 'send mail' script and 'Attach File' option.


When I run the script locally it works fine. When I publish the self-contained 'stored internally' information, the script sends the

email w/o the attachment. I'm using internal storage.


In the 'Add File' window, I succeed locally using a set variable $SendFile, but again this does not work in IWP.


1-Does anyone know a simple d/l script or commend to d/l information from the IWP browser?

2-Any suggestions for attaching a 'Contained File' from within an IWP script?


Thanks All !!


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