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    FMPA12 and FMP12 Portal Filtering Differences


      Hi All,


      Forgive me if this is in the wrong place, if it should be somewhere else then happy to move the post.


      Hoping for a little bit of help and guidance on something tha tI have come across which has just got me stumped.


      I have been developing a database in FMPA12 (started life in FMPA11 but was completely re-written for FMPA12). I am getting to my stages of testing and have come across a problem that I am experiencing with a Portal and a Calculation to filter said portal.


      The basics of what is tying to be acheived; the portal is to show a list of items at belong to the user logged in, and then met a set of specific 'flags'.


      The first step is at the relationship level, this takes care of the user owned items, using a Global;


      Interface::UserName [=Get ( Accountname )] = Events::CreationUserStamp.


      There is also another filter at this level that looks at Event::Date, and shows (in three seperate relationships) Previous/Today/Future using;


      Interface::Date < Event_T1::Date and Interface::UserName = EventsT1::CreationUserStamp

      Interface::Date > Event_T2::Date and Interface::UserName = EventsT2::CreationUserStamp

      Interface::Date = Event_T2::Date and Interface::UserName = EventsT3::CreationUserStamp


      Each one of these are used for Counts and different Portals. It shows a log of Events that a User has Missed, Due Today, Due in Future.


      These have all been tested at their base level and are found to be working, so are not my point of focus.


      In the Portals that are used to show the relevant information, there is a filter calculation used. This calculation is based on a step of flags in each event. These are thus;

      EventsT#::Action_1 = 1 [Event Requires Followup Action]

      EventsT#::Action_1_Actioned = 0 [Followup has been Actioned]

      EventsT#::Type ≠ 2 [Excludes a specific event]


      So in each portal, the calulation shows as;

      EventsT#::Action_1 = 1 and EventsT#::Action_1_Actioned = 0 and EventsT#::Type ≠ 2


      Now; through all of the development of the database as it stands, I have been using FMPA12, and this all works correctly. But, when I move to open the same file in FMP12, Nothing is shown in the portal. Thorugh a process of elimiation, I have found that the problem is coming from only one of the items, "EventsT#::Type ≠ 2". When this is removed from the Filter Calculation, the 'filter works and items are then shown, but including the unwanted Event Types...


      Has anybody else come across this problem, is this a known bug within FM, I have been unable to find anything that


      Any Help is greatly appreciated.




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          I suspect it is highly unlikely there is a difference in the code between FMPA12 and FMP12 regarding portals.  But if there is an issue, it would more likely be with a corrupted install or maybe one is on 12v1 and the other is on 12v2.  What I would do is reinstall the FMP12 and upgrade it to v2 if necessary and try it again.  Also, are you using the same User ID and password?  Are you doing this on the same machine?  Are there any other differences?  If you want to compare the exact same situation, install FMPA12 and FMP12 on the same computer and try and compare them (both can be installed on the same computer and works just fine).  Can you duplicate this on another machine?  Those are some things I would try next before reporting it as a bug to FileMaker.  But you never know, there are a few 12 bugs out there that FileMaker is still having to work on.  12v2 fixed a lot of them, but there are a few more out there. 

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            Thanky you for the responce.


            I have been through a whole set of testing, and thus far I have managed to replicate the problem on every install of FMP12v1 and FMP12v2 that I run. I have also, as you suggest, run FMPA12 and FMP12 on the same machine. FMPA12 completes the task correctly where as FMP12 does not complete the task. So far I have installed it on 6 different machines, using both downloaded and DVD media.


            As for Permissions, this is all running under the default [Full Access] Admin account, as I am still in development stages I have not yet removed it. Also, the problem is repeated through all the levels of permissions that I have through the system.


            The last thing that I can think to test is to try and replicate the problem in a completely seperate file; I have just put this off in a hope that somebody else has come across the same problem.


            I will tomorrow go down the path of trying to replicate this in a standalone file, this will then give me a definative answer as to whethr this is something silly in my code that I am overlooking or whether it is a little deeper a problem.


            I will keep you posted as to what I find.



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              Hmmmm... you are doing the obvious.  I would probably also try duplicating the layout and then erasing the portal and remaking it.  Is this layout a classic layout or a new themed layout?  I have heard of some bugs coming from 11 in classic layouts that have been solved by making them a themed layout.  But I'm just stretching for an idea to try that you haven't already. 

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                Patrick may be ≠ in some things,


                Try this: change the sign "≠" to "<>".

                This suggestion is from another discussion about using the "not equal" sign in a portal filter.

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                  I have managed to play around with this a little more, and have created a file which replicates what roughly I'm trying to accomplish. I can't see where to upload a file to an existing thread so I have attached a download like to a zip file which contains the test file that I have created and also a screen shot of something very interesting...




                  In the file there are two main layouts;

                  "Interface_Portal 1" - using the Not Equal Function

                  "Interface_Portal 2" - using the "<>" function


                  In regards to the problem that I have been having in my previous posts, I have not been able to replicate the problem in a new file, nor has the "<>" function solved my problem.


                  But, when looking at my example file, the Not Equal Function works correctly, but the "<>" function works completely differently between FMP12 and FMPA12... see the screenshot, both opening the same file, but on different machines just for the test. I have opened on more machines and have come up with the same result.


                  So, this mean that for my actual problem I need to look at potentially following taylorsharpe's route of re-creating the Layouts and changing the themes. Concerning though, that as part of testing I have stumbled across potentially a related or unrelate issue.


                  I'm going to move forwards with changing my layouts to see if this solves the problem for the immediate.


                  Any thoughts on potential othe reasons for the portals not returning the same results would be greatly appreciated though, I'd like to be able to understand this.




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                    Hi All,


                    As yet I have still not been able to find any reason for this occurance. I have though noticed other parts of my database that operate in the same fashion.


                    To this end, I have gone with the option of some database managment and moved the 'Not Equals' function down to the relationship level. 


                    This has solved the problem at hand, but still does not answer why the problem is occuring. Any further help on this would be greatly appreciated, as would like to understand why. But, for now if not high on my radar of things to be looked at as have now got a work around.




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                      Is your solution hosted by FMS12?

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                        Yes, It is hosted on Filemaker Server.

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                          There have been a few issues reported with portal filtering not working correctly when a file is hosted by FMS12.1 and access it with FMP or FMPA12.2


                          I've specifically had issues when filtering using the ≠ function.


                          Do a search here for portal filtering to get a glimpse of the issues others are having: http://forums.filemaker.com/hives/1eea103f05/summary


                          It has been acknowledged by FileMaker and will hopefully be corrected in FMS12.2

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                            FWIW the FileMaker Pro/Pro Advanced 12.0v2 update "Addressed an issue where portal filtering failed with the "< >" operator, so make sure you're testing on 12.0v2.