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FMPA12 and FMP12 Portal Filtering Differences

Question asked by Padster on Aug 6, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2012 by databuzz

Hi All,


Forgive me if this is in the wrong place, if it should be somewhere else then happy to move the post.


Hoping for a little bit of help and guidance on something tha tI have come across which has just got me stumped.


I have been developing a database in FMPA12 (started life in FMPA11 but was completely re-written for FMPA12). I am getting to my stages of testing and have come across a problem that I am experiencing with a Portal and a Calculation to filter said portal.


The basics of what is tying to be acheived; the portal is to show a list of items at belong to the user logged in, and then met a set of specific 'flags'.


The first step is at the relationship level, this takes care of the user owned items, using a Global;


Interface::UserName [=Get ( Accountname )] = Events::CreationUserStamp.


There is also another filter at this level that looks at Event::Date, and shows (in three seperate relationships) Previous/Today/Future using;


Interface::Date < Event_T1::Date and Interface::UserName = EventsT1::CreationUserStamp

Interface::Date > Event_T2::Date and Interface::UserName = EventsT2::CreationUserStamp

Interface::Date = Event_T2::Date and Interface::UserName = EventsT3::CreationUserStamp


Each one of these are used for Counts and different Portals. It shows a log of Events that a User has Missed, Due Today, Due in Future.


These have all been tested at their base level and are found to be working, so are not my point of focus.


In the Portals that are used to show the relevant information, there is a filter calculation used. This calculation is based on a step of flags in each event. These are thus;

EventsT#::Action_1 = 1 [Event Requires Followup Action]

EventsT#::Action_1_Actioned = 0 [Followup has been Actioned]

EventsT#::Type ≠ 2 [Excludes a specific event]


So in each portal, the calulation shows as;

EventsT#::Action_1 = 1 and EventsT#::Action_1_Actioned = 0 and EventsT#::Type ≠ 2


Now; through all of the development of the database as it stands, I have been using FMPA12, and this all works correctly. But, when I move to open the same file in FMP12, Nothing is shown in the portal. Thorugh a process of elimiation, I have found that the problem is coming from only one of the items, "EventsT#::Type ≠ 2". When this is removed from the Filter Calculation, the 'filter works and items are then shown, but including the unwanted Event Types...


Has anybody else come across this problem, is this a known bug within FM, I have been unable to find anything that


Any Help is greatly appreciated.