PDF Bloat in FMP v12

Discussion created by MattGreger on Aug 6, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2012 by sporobolus

Today's our first day running live in v12. I converted over the weekend and we started using this morning with about 20 users. A few nuances, but all is going pretty well, except PDF creation.


This is a HUGE problem. We append tape requests into a single PDF file to send to our duplication facility. A file created in FMP 11 is 2.7MB, but the same exact file in FMP 12 is 31.2MB. If you open it in Acrobat and do a save as, it brings the file back down to around 2.7MB.


These PDFs are automatically emailed and now we're getting rejections due to the file size being so large.


I'm just using FileMaker's built in PDF functions and append option.


I have a feeling this is a similar issue to the slow printing problems. This is a converted file and we're using the v2 updates. Besides having to rebuild all my printing layouts, any ideas?