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EXCEPT in ExecuteSQL  (fmp12) supported?

Question asked by Oliver_Reid on Aug 6, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2012 by Oliver_Reid

I want to do


Select ......




Select ...





Where each Select returns a single column, (both with the same name) to find the values returned by the first query that are not returned by the second


But I get a "?"



If I use UNION instead I get the union of the two results -- is EXCEPT not supported?



The situation is like as library where I want to find the ids of all copies of a certain book title that are not checked out.


If it's checked out there is a record in a book-borrowing table with the book id, and returned date is empty.


So I want to find the ids all copies of a specified title EXCEPT those that are refrenced in borrowing record where the returned date is empty.


(Note most copies have many borrowing records with a non-empty returned date)


I have done this with various list calcs and TO's but I want to do it with ExcuteSQL and simplify my TOG