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Field dependence issue!

Question asked by mbpro2.53 on Aug 6, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2012 by mbpro2.53

Could someone please help me with the issue i stuck with.

I want to create a form to update a table but the second form element depends on the first.


For example in the dependancy table if i have "cube" and "sphere" for field 1 and "blue", "green" and "yellow" for field 2, and the colors depend on the shapes, and:


There are only blue cubes and green and yellow spheres, no other option, then how could i set up a form that from the first field shows the results in a checkbox, and if i choose one, the second form element (dropdown list) showes only the correct matches from the table to select from.


Can anyone help me how to set up these two form elements and assign the dependency to it?