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Common Core State Standards data in table format

Question asked by vmeyers on Aug 8, 2012
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I have been searching for the CCSS in a table format that could be used in filemake to link to assignments, tests, report cards, etc. It is readily available as a PDF but I have not been able to find it as csv, Excel, etc. I know there are a couple of companies that sell this public info in a database format, but we want something that can be freely distributed as a table in Filemaker, Excel, csv, mySQL etc. At DevCon several of us from the K-12 meeting got together and decided to build it ourselves and make it available to everyone. Basically, we will have to copy/paste from the public PDFs into our fields in our FM file. If you know where this already exists or have done the same for certain subjects or States please let me know.

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