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Reminder and overdue date alert.

Question asked by LadyBear on Aug 7, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2012 by taylorsharpe



I am still using filemaker 10 and I would love to be able to pick up when I need to send a reminder to clients to provide me with their updated insurance information or when it is overdue.


The only field I have is the expiry date of their insurance.


My idea is calculate the difference between the current date and the expiry date of their insurance. If this date < or equal to one month prior to the expiry date I would like to send the client a reminder. If the expiry date is overdue I would like an alert in filemaker.


I would like to do something similar for annual payments.


I haven't dealt with a whole lot of date functions at this stage.


Many thanks for your assistance.