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    FileMaker Go 12 Application ID




      I need to know what the application id for FileMaker Go 12 for iPad and iPhone are.


      I was told by some that there may could be:





      Anybody know if this is correct?

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          Stephen Huston

          I found a note at

          which said:

          • In FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced the application id was ‘com.filemaker.pro.advanced’. In FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced it’s now ‘com.filemaker.client.advanced’.

          This Application ID instance was for use in Applescripting, which I assume will not work with GO. While I don't have specifics of the app IDs for GO12, can you tell us for what purposes you intend to use these IDs?

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            I need it to get FileMaker Go to communicate with another APP in iOS (iZettle, http://developer.izettle.com).


            I do think this is because of the iZettle app need to know exactly which APP to return it´s data to.

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              Stephen Huston

              FileMaker's KnowledgeBase answer ID# 10083 indicates that there are new App IDs for GO 12, but does not specify what they are.


              I am forwarding this question/thread to our tech liason, Dave Simerly, to see if we can get an answer directly from FM Inc staff.

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                According to the iZettle documentation at the link you posted, the interaction with iZettle is via URL schemes. You shouldn't need to know the application ID to accomplish this. You do need to know FileMaker Go's URL scheme (in addition to iZettle's). You can read about FileMaker Go's scheme (fmp://...) on page 21 of the FileMaker Go Development Guide.

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                  As I have got information from iZettle, they need the application ID to give me a specific key that I have to use for this to work properly.

                  I do think that this may have to do with some security since this is about creditcard payment.

                  So, if I don´t give them the application ID, I will not receive the neceserry key to be used for this application.

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                    I'm not familiar with iOS development outside of FileMaker, so I don't know what technical reason iZettle might have for needing an app's bundle ID. Indeed, several other iOS apps have been integrated with FileMaker Go that don't require FileMaker developers to register a bundle ID to use. I don't know if there's a way to confirm that a particular URL scheme matches a particular bundle ID (which could be hashed to see that it matches an API key), which would make the security argument make sense.


                    I agree that iZettle is probably asking for a bundle ID before giving an API key as a security measure, along the same lines as Apple's App Store limiting interaction to known entities. With that in mind, I think giving iZettle the bundle ID for FileMaker Go would subvert the spirit of this kind of registration. FileMaker Go is the app as far as iOS is concerned, but the app you're building to run IN/ON FileMaker is what the users will think of as the app. Also, you aren't the developer of FileMaker Go itself (I presume), and you aren't trying to get an API key for FileMaker Go in general, just for your application. I think the iZettle developers are presuming that other developers are trying to integrate native iOS apps written in Objective-C rather than apps written in FileMaker, which do not have bundle IDs, as far as I know. I recommend that you raise this issue with iZettle.

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                      Stephen Huston

                      This thread was forwarded to FMI's tech liason in the hopes that FMI staff can and will supply the information required.