External Authentication account names?

Discussion created by justinc on Aug 8, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2012 by justinc

I am messing around with trying to get external authentication to work. For my current tests I was just using local users and groups on the server machine. I think that I have things working mostly, but was curious about the account names used.


I set up a user: "Fred Test" as the full name.

The short name given by the system is: "fredtest"

I gave the account a PW. I created a group and put Fred's account in it.


When I try to log into my solution, I am unable to log in as "Fred Test", I have to log in as "fredtest". Kind of annoying and not real intuitive. Is there a way to control the log in name more closely?


We ultimately will be using an Open/Active directory service for this, but I just don't have it set up to test there. Does Active Directory work differently? Is this just a Mac OS X curiousity?


FMS 12 running on OS X Lion, btw. Local account was set up on the Lion server.