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    Portal Filter


      ANyone shead any light on trying to filter records in a portal?

      Trying to filter with an employeeID using global field

      Running on a server

      FMPA 12.0v2

      some times it works and other times it gives incorrect results...???

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          There have been some issues reported with portal filtering on a FMP12.2 client running from FMS12.1


          THe issue i have been having is the not equals function is ignored.

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            I am seeing problems with the = as well works fine till you change the value of the global referenced in the filter - sometime updates sometimes it doesn't...

            what is latest version of the server software?

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              Currently the latest of server is 12.1


              Shouldnt be too much longer for v12.2

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                I had also had an issue whereby the refresh window script step doesn't seem to work in a script, requiring me to manually select the "Refresh Window" command from the "Records" menu at the top of the screen.  For some portals I have changed the nature of the relationship to force the refresh (e.g. including a setfield step for one of the fields in the relationship), but I would rather not complicate the relationship if I could allow the portal to refresh using the "Refresh Window" step.

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                  The refresh issue is a common problem in earlier versions of FM, and not just an FM12 issue.  Especially if the portal is related to a table in a different file.


                  First step:  Put a script trigger on your global field.  When it is modified, try a simple commit script step.


                  If that doesn't solve it, experiment with some additional script steps.  According to the Under the Hood session at Devcon, the Refresh Window script step will force a refresh immediately, with less screen flashing on PCs than in the past.  I haven't tested this yet!


                  Have your trigger script first commit, then add a refresh window.  That should work.  If not - maybe some more details on what is being entered in the global field, what the relationship consists of, etc.  I have also solved this problem use a pause/resume script step set to 0 seconds, freeze window then enter browse mode, etc. etc. to force the refresh.


                  As long as the relationship is valid, something along those lines will refresh the portal.



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                    Maybe off topic but...


                    I found a little bug after upgrading to 12v2.

                    In my cases, when i have a field that could assume value empty or equals to 1 and portal has filter like table::field ≠ 1, portal doesn't work properly!

                    I have to change in every situation the calculation with Empty ( table::field )


                    Not simple, in a big scenario.

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                      As Matt said, the not equal sign (≠) doesn't seem to work on 12.2. I reported the issue to Filemaker a few weeks ago



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                        I'm sorry, i saw the Matt post's after sending.


                        Me, too http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/9a3d0845e5

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                          Thank You,

                          • I added a commit step - didn't help I left the step
                          • added a refresh - didn't help - I left the refresh
                          • went back to refresh - checked option to flush cached join results


                          Now working fine

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                            Yay!  Sorry to hear that FM12 hasn't solved this problem, but at least we still know what to do to fix it..


                            warm regards,