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Making a file "read-only" to act as an archive

Question asked by glennsingleton on Aug 9, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2012 by glennsingleton

I have a solution with 1 main file that has 100's of fields, layouts and scripts. Easily a 1000 records could be added each year, if not more.


Performance slows as every year goes on. I was wondering what others do to create an archive that is read only.

This is FM11 on a server by the way.


Here's my idea :-

0. Do a backup, stop the server, open fmp on the server

1. Do a Save As - Copy of Current file and call it archive (this should retain all the relationships)

2. Delete from the Archive all the records that will be kept in the "Active" file

3. Make the default auto-open user only have read-only privileges for everything, maybe enable printing

4. Make a simple script in the "Active" file that opens the archive

5. After checking the records in the archive, delete the active file records that are now in the archive.

6. Start the server and add the "Archive" file to the list of hosted files


The only "gotcha" I can think of is if I have elevated any scripts to "Run with full access" and they do set fields, deletes etc.


What do you think ?