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    [ANN] Navigation Framework Plus for FREE

    Mike Duncan

      The Navigation Framework Plus is built from the foundation

      of our popular Navigation Framework (see www.logicurio.com

      for reference). We are providing this file as a

      demonstration of what is possible and building a

      customizable standard navigation for your layouts quickly

      and easily.


      There is minimal data structure and scripting that is

      required in order to provide the same functionality in your

      solutions. You may use this file as a guide to allow your

      users a way to personalize their user interface, or simply

      as a way (as a developer) to ease your job in setting up a

      flexible navigation interface for your users/clients.


      In the Preferences section of this file, you will find a

      layout that allows easily selecting and loading a new theme.

      Also, a layout for editing and creating themes according to

      your specific specifications. Easily select from fonts, font

      sizes, colors and even load your own graphics to display in

      the navigation displayed instantly on each layout in your



      Since everything needed to display the navigation framework

      is loaded up into variables, this will continue to work in

      Find Mode as well as Browse Mode. It is also still safe to

      use in muti-window solutions where a user is allowed to

      spawn a new window of a layout. Of course, all the

      advantages of the original Navigation Framework in addition

      to all the features available here.


      To support FM Go users, you can easily host the displayed

      graphics on a web server and simply reference them from

      there instead. Otherwise, graphics are stored and referenced



      Additionally, you can override the layouts that are

      displayed in the Navigation Framework by utilizing the

      Layout Override in Preferences. This will allow you to

      specify the layouts and order that they appear manually, if

      you require that functionality.


      We've used this a lot and are happy to offer is up as a

      demonstration to the community.


      And we are making it available for FREE!


      You can get it for free at:




      (This file is available in FM 11, but  has been tested in

      and converts just fine to version 12...we are in the process

      of making all our demos available in 12 as well.)


      As always, if you have feedback or require assistance

      implementing this in your solutions, we would love to hear

      from you.


      Features include:


      * Based on your Layout Names and Order.

      * No plug-ins required.

      * Completely Cross-Platform.

      * No custom functions needed.

      * No data structure (tables, fields or layouts) needed.

      * Updates dynamically when the file is opened.

      * Safe in Multi Window solutions.

      * Updates from native layout menu as well.

      * Retains last visited Sub-Section.

      * Works in Browse and Find Mode.

      * 8 X 8 "tabs" for a total of 64 possible layouts to navigate to.


      There is minimal structure and scripting to add to your

      startup script (one that runs when the file is opened) and

      you can copy/paste the navigation grouping at the top of

      each layout to display the navigation. It doesn't matter how

      you navigate to a layout, relevant location is detected and

      displayed automatically without the need for scripting.





      Mike Duncan