Import does not seem to go to the layout that I want to use

Discussion created by RoelfW on Aug 9, 2012
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I am scripting a "import from previous version of FM" process.

Simple enough origina lsolution

4 tables

27 layouts

nothing complicated

I put an import button into the opening layout.

I create a master script for this input button

It works it way through a separate import script for each table

I anticipate that the user might have entered stuff into a table before doing the import as follows


The structure of each import script is as follows


I go to the layout I need

I show all records

I count the number of records in the table

I run the import record script step (no dialogue)

I show all records again

I count the number of records in the table after the import

I compute the difference

I put up a custom dialouge indicating how many records have been imported


And it just does not work

when I turn off perform with dialogue in the import script step

it shows that is is importing into one of the other tables, not the one assoicated wit the layout

I can't find any guidance in filemaker help other than I have to import one table at a time in the context of a layout associated with it

That is what I am trying to do


What is going on


I have been searching the forum for two days and trying to work around this

or gain insight into what I am doing wrong

but I just can't seem to find an answer


It is probably obvious

but I can's see it


Help please