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    Go Apps and the App Store


      While I have seen a few Go apps on the Apple App Store (for iPad and iPhone), they have all disappeared. These "apps" were FM databases that would run, as we know, via FM Go. From what I've read, it's no longer possible to get a Go app on the App Store because the Go app is not an application in and of itself (it is a database file that relies upon Go). This is true enough, but it's clearly also true that FM Go itself does nothing. It, in and of itself, is only relevant with access to a FM database built for it (and which it, itself, cannot create). Delete the sample databases that are delivered with Go's installation and you have...nothing.


      Am I correct in this, or is it somehow possible to get a FM database designed specifically for mobile devices and FM go onto the App Store?


      If not, this flies in the face of logic and challenges the notion of FM "development" itself. A while ago the idea of a Go "Runtime" app surfaced. As FM Go is now free, is there a good reason that FileMaker can't develop a "package" for developers that would install Go (if not already installed) as well as the developer's FM databases on Apple mobile devices? There are at least a couple of ways this "package" could be developed and none of them are complicated: a line or two of code could well do the trick. A fee to developers for this? Why not.


      I recognize that this brings into play the fear that "soft" apps may flood the App Store and have an adverse impact on FileMaker. While a concern with some validity, to assert that the vast majority of App Store apps are of no greater substance than that of roasted marshmallows would be utter nonsense. The good ones make it, and the others quietly disappear. This, I believe, is how "markets" work. And I'd like to believe that there are enough "solid" Go apps out there that allowing them on the App Store would solidify, and most likely, significantly enhance FileMaker's position.


      I mention all this only because Go and the iPad can open so many more doors than has been possible - and it must make good sense to maximize this potential.

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          Filemaker and Apple must support it. They need to want it.

          Filemaker Inc could allow people to take FM Go app, decompress the archive, add a database, change name and icon and package it again for submitting to iOS App Store. Or offer an assistant app to do that. It's technically possible with a little modification of the FM Go app (as far as imagine).


          But they must want to do it :-)


          For example FM Go would need to recognize a database file in the documents and automatically open this file and not allow to close it.

          And on first run it would need to copy the database from within the app to the document folder so user can edit it.




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            Getting your App in the Apple Store will take a few hurdles, but I find what many people need is simply an icon on the iPhone or iPad for people to click on to access a database and we can do that without having to get it put in the Apple App store. 


            Here are the instructions for creating an icon for your iPad or iPhone to connect via FileMaker Go using the iPhone Configuration Utility:




            About the only thing the instructions leave out is how to deal with files that have spaces in them and FileMaker uses the plus "+" sign so that "My Database.fmp12"  becomes "My+Database.fmp12". 


            Give it a whirl. You'll need to create an icon for your database (400x400 pixels) if you want it to look cool. 

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              Are you saying that it IS possible to get a Go App on the Apple App Store? If so, any details? I see no apps out there now and no indication anywhere that it is possible.


              And yes, getting the App's icon onto the iPad does work - and this is good. I'd agree that this makes life easier for users (which transfers directly to the developer), but the App's icon does not appear in the multi-tasking bar and returning to your app is only possible via the Go icon. So, getting closer, but...

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                It occurs to me that an approach to this could be that a developer creates an app the simply facilitates the sending/installation of a FM database to an iPad or iPhone. The developer could then sell the app to other developers that could modify the app to work with files of their own. Runtime apps, with their own, unique, extensions, do run on Go...What you'd have would be file management app - an app that DOES something - and this could not be rejected. That the app's functioniality would be limited to the developer's file(s), wouldn't matter. Who's to judge what and which files one desires to work with?


                Would this work? I think yes, and here are a number of apps on the App store that do approximately the same thing.

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                  Last thought on this. What's more important: the record player or the record; the iPod or the songs it holds. Can either exist without the other?

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                    What's more important: the record player or the record; the iPod or the songs it holds.


                    If databases were songs:


                    Q. Where can I find last years sales figures?

                    A. It's in iTunes but it's a pay-per-download so you need petty cash vouchers from accounts.

                    Q. I have to fill out a form and wait two days for that.

                    A. Then search PirateBay for a low-res rip.



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                      ccasinc wrote:


                      Last thought on this. What's more important: the record player or the record; the iPod or the songs it holds.


                      The musician.

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                        The Apple store is really confusing about this issue. If you were to search for 'FileMaker' you get back results for podcasts and documents etc... why not databases?


                        - Lyndsay

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                          Nick Kasun

                          Spotsylvania, VA

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                            I have tried several times to put my FM database on the App Store.
                            At first with a high tech way of copying FM Go and added with the FM database.




                            Second, I tried to make another App, with lots of information of the knowledge of my FM app.

                            With no direct link of the FM database, and no link to FM Go.

                            But... Apple discovered a teaser to a FM database (or to another application) and the app was... rejected.

                            In several ways we tried to do it again, with lots of differences, but all rejected.


                            It looks like Apple is rejecting everything, when it has something to do with Filemaker Go.



                            Why wanting to go to the App Store?


                            It's simple.

                            Everybody is looking at one place, when they need functionality.

                            The App Store. The rest of the internet is useless.


                            And what to do if you use Filemaker to develop very professional software?

                            No chance at all, Filemaker & the App Store don't give you a bit of a chance.


                            So, if Filemaker is willing to make a single-user application of Go, only working with local installed databases on the iOS devices, creacted with FM Pro Advanced PlusPlus, I am willing to pay for this functionality.


                            I hope this message will awakes Filemaker Inc.





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                              Is this:




                              not an app built on top of Go/Filemaker? If I'm right and it is, then it's clearly possible.

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                                Apple rejects apps all the time when they don't conform to their developer guidelines.  An FM Go database does not meet those guidelines.


                                But seriously, the App Store has almost 1 million apps in it. The majority of money is made by large firms producing free games that sell their own power-ups. The kind of app your talking about, "very professional software" made by a solo developer has effectively zero chance of making money in the app store.

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                                  "Sales Beaver Lite is not powered by FileMaker but is programmed in Xcode."

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                                    Are you suggesting that App Store viability is a function of mindlessness - that only trivial, amusement-centric, apps are relevant? What does that say about the iOS and Apple, and why then would FileMaker create GO at all? The "dots" don't connect.


                                    Also,if so - if this is the case - where is it written that serious apps that run seriously well on an iPad don't deserve a shot - that they shouldn't be permitted to succeed or fail on their own merits or lack thereof? Again, I'd hold that the market takes care of all this. Where the market is not left to determine these things, we have a "markletless" market...and there's a less than flattering name for this.

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