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Go Apps and the App Store

Question asked by CCAS on Aug 10, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2015 by planteg

While I have seen a few Go apps on the Apple App Store (for iPad and iPhone), they have all disappeared. These "apps" were FM databases that would run, as we know, via FM Go. From what I've read, it's no longer possible to get a Go app on the App Store because the Go app is not an application in and of itself (it is a database file that relies upon Go). This is true enough, but it's clearly also true that FM Go itself does nothing. It, in and of itself, is only relevant with access to a FM database built for it (and which it, itself, cannot create). Delete the sample databases that are delivered with Go's installation and you have...nothing.


Am I correct in this, or is it somehow possible to get a FM database designed specifically for mobile devices and FM go onto the App Store?


If not, this flies in the face of logic and challenges the notion of FM "development" itself. A while ago the idea of a Go "Runtime" app surfaced. As FM Go is now free, is there a good reason that FileMaker can't develop a "package" for developers that would install Go (if not already installed) as well as the developer's FM databases on Apple mobile devices? There are at least a couple of ways this "package" could be developed and none of them are complicated: a line or two of code could well do the trick. A fee to developers for this? Why not.


I recognize that this brings into play the fear that "soft" apps may flood the App Store and have an adverse impact on FileMaker. While a concern with some validity, to assert that the vast majority of App Store apps are of no greater substance than that of roasted marshmallows would be utter nonsense. The good ones make it, and the others quietly disappear. This, I believe, is how "markets" work. And I'd like to believe that there are enough "solid" Go apps out there that allowing them on the App Store would solidify, and most likely, significantly enhance FileMaker's position.


I mention all this only because Go and the iPad can open so many more doors than has been possible - and it must make good sense to maximize this potential.