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    Conditional Value Lists


      Hi there, ive had a search around various topics about these but they all seem to deal with 2 tables specifically which gets me confused when trying to get mine to work lol.


      I have 3 Tables related to what im wanting to do.


      1. Customer Details

      2. Customer Delivery Addresses (each one has multiple delivery addresses so i had to seperate it)

      3. Orders


      "Orders" is linked to "Customer Details" via relationship of "Customer_ID" (unique value)

      "Customer Details" is linked to "Customer Delivery Addresses" via relationship of "Customer_ID"


      So all 3 tables are linked by 1 common key "Customer_ID"


      Now my problem is i want to create a conditional value lists within Orders, which are:


      1 drop down box selecting customer name (value liust created via the "Customer Details" table) (works fine, was simple)


      1 drop down box selecting the delivery address thats related to the customer you have selected in the first drop down box <--- This is where im stuck


      I cannot for the life of me figure this out. When i check out some examples of the conditional value lists using only 2 tables i just get confused lol (im still learning FM )

      Basically have no idea how to create this value list still after hours of staring at it and trying to research



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          Finally Figured it out


          Once i got the relationship correct between the Orders table and the Customers Details table i had to create the value list using the Delivery address name (from the delivery addess table) and use the "show related records from" Orders check box and it worked.


          seems so simple now after spending hours trying to figure out what i had done wrong