Conditional Value Lists

Discussion created by maura5000 on Aug 10, 2012
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Hi there, ive had a search around various topics about these but they all seem to deal with 2 tables specifically which gets me confused when trying to get mine to work lol.


I have 3 Tables related to what im wanting to do.


1. Customer Details

2. Customer Delivery Addresses (each one has multiple delivery addresses so i had to seperate it)

3. Orders


"Orders" is linked to "Customer Details" via relationship of "Customer_ID" (unique value)

"Customer Details" is linked to "Customer Delivery Addresses" via relationship of "Customer_ID"


So all 3 tables are linked by 1 common key "Customer_ID"


Now my problem is i want to create a conditional value lists within Orders, which are:


1 drop down box selecting customer name (value liust created via the "Customer Details" table) (works fine, was simple)


1 drop down box selecting the delivery address thats related to the customer you have selected in the first drop down box <--- This is where im stuck


I cannot for the life of me figure this out. When i check out some examples of the conditional value lists using only 2 tables i just get confused lol (im still learning FM )

Basically have no idea how to create this value list still after hours of staring at it and trying to research