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How to show an externally stored pdf in the webviewer

Question asked by TriasDigitaalAmsterdam on Aug 10, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2012 by SecretWeaponLabs

The situation: in a container field files are stored externally on FMServer. This way the database is as small as possible. The container field shows the files (mainly pdf's) both on Mac/PC and FMGo, but for several reasons we want to show them in a webviewer. On a Mac (or PC) this is no problem: export the field content to the tempfolder, and give the webviewer that file path, with 'file:///Volumes/' added in front. On FMGo this scheme doesn't function. What I read is that iOS doesn't allow a webviewer to show any file which resides on the iPhone or iPad itself. Is this true?


If the file is exported to a shared file server, FMGo cannot mount that file server.

The webviewer could render the file by converting it to base64 and storing that as text in the database, but that would take away all the advantages of storing the files externally.


Who knows the solution?