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    Save copy self-contained problem


      I have a database with several pictures stored externally. I want to create a self-contained copy, but get an error, "could not be created on this disk. Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk." I have found the post already, but I am the admin user and logged in (as far as I can tell). I have several "unstored fields, but none that are associated with containers. All containers are external(open) and no calculation refers to a container. Any suggestions as to the problem or how I can troubleshoot? Rebecca



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          Stephen Huston

          I haven't tried  to re-embed external container storage in 12 after converting the file to external storage, but I have a few questions:

          • Is this a served/shared file, or is it being run in single user mode on the local hard drive?
          • If served, can you download a full backup and try changing that file to self-contained on the local drive? Trying to change the storage of a file which is already on a server can be an issue.
          • If already on the local drive, is there sufficient disk space for replicating the entire file with the container data embedded? (This may  take a bit more space in the FM file than did the full external storage disk space.)
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            So there is plenty of space on the local drive to store the created copy.I have a new iMAC with 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 and 8GB memory and a 1 TB hard drive. 

            All of the files (container pictures, database, and copy I'm trying to create) are being stored on same hard drive (boot drive).    I hope to email the copy to my ipad, to use with filemaker go, but am storing on desktop to create the copy.

            I have tried rebooting the computer.

            I have published this database on instant web publishing just using the imac as the server.  But even with all sharing turned off, I get the same results.

            I'm using filemaker pro 12 with mac osx 10.7.4

            I did try this much earlier on in the process of creating the database and it worked at that time.  Though I'm a new user, so I don't know if I've changed a setting somewhere.

            The only thing I find odd is that I have the security set for my access but when I enter the password, which is only 5 characters, the many more--like 20 dots. So I assume I am "logged in".  It lets me change anything that I want, e.g. passwords.


            Is there a way I can manually "import" all the container pictures and then save the database (under a different name, of course)?

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              Yes...I fixed it.  I went into all the the containers contents to make sure there were no missing file references.  I went through and found some where the filename had been changed externally and therefore, it was missing.  I would have expected Filemaker to ignore those items, but it obviously does not.  I deleted all the missing references and it worked just fine!  Thanks!

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                Stephen Huston

                This sounds like you must be using OPEN external storage. FMInc specifically warns that one must not edit files within the storage area -- look but don't touch -- this includes renaming them. The file system considers any editing within the open storage file area "tampered data" and it's integrity is in doubt by the FM system when that happens. This is probably why it  would not complete the creation of a self-contained file with that data.


                If you need to open, edit, or use container data files from within an Open External Storage area in any way, COPY the file(s) to somewhere else on the disk, outside the FM storage area, and do your work there. Then, after editing, use the FM interface to place the changed file into storage via the container field in the FM file, not by touching the storage area. Let the FM container field do the overwriting of the file data.


                FM engineers admitted that they originally planned to offer only Secure external storage to prevent this problem, but felt the benefits of open storage would be apprciated. However, that leaves it to us users to follow the rules carefully, even though it looks like FM gave us the ability to mess with container data directly. They really didn't mean for us to do it.

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                  I'm having exactly the same problem with the "Save as a self contained copy".  I also use the latest MacBook Pro with the latest operating system and Filemaker V12.03.

                  My container fields are stored as Open External Storage.  I did change come of the pix, to reduce their sizes, thinking that might have caused the error message "Gardening Go.fmp12 could not be created on this disk.  Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk".


                  The plan is to copy the database (with pics) to my iPhone, which I eventually did by making a copy and changing the pics to be stored internally.  Even with the pics stored, the file size is only a few mb larger than the original of 40.7 Mb.


                  I've checked the image path of all the pictures and they're now correct, after re inserting all the missing images - which were the ones I had changed.  Now I'm at a loss as to what else to do to make the "Save as .. " option work.  In future, I will copy the file, change them and let FM do the work, as per your comments above.


                  Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

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                    Stephen Huston

                    I am confused as to why you are storing them externally at all if you want to eventually store them internally. As you have found, you dare not risk editing anything within the storage area, or an error WILL occur.


                    The new storage options allow us to do many things we could do before, but some of those things are very bad choices depending on the results we want. Also, FMI hasn't ironed out all of the bugs regarding external storage and the backing up of files, as evidenced by bug notes in several threads.


                    My most basic advace is don't use external storage unless you benefit from it. It adds some risks until they work out a few more kinks in things like backups and save as self-contained.

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                      I suppose I used it cause it was there, plus I wanted to keep the database size as small as possible. On the iPhone, they have to be internal and I expected it to work.  Though with all the problems, you're probably right, I'll go back to storing them internally.  Thanks for the input.  Just wish FM would iron out more bugs before they release new versions.