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Creating Unsorted Value Lists?

Question asked by gkrealm on Aug 12, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2012 by beverly

I am currently trying to create an unsorted value list in Filemaker 10, and if someone has a workaround, I would be exceedingly happy to learn of it.


The forced sorting of values has always annoyed me, but I've ground my teeth and used custom values. Now I have a solution where I need to implement dynamic value lists that are context specific, so (not the real example, but close enough), an English-speaking user will have the values 'Monday - Friday' in their list, and a German speaker sees 'Montag - Freitag'. And in the future, if a Spanish speaker joins, it should be trivial to add a record in a related table and give them a context-specific list, too.


So far, so good. Related table, return-separated values in the 'day' field, and the value list changes with the context.


The problem is simply that a value list that says 'Friday, Monday, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday' is utterly useless.


I've experimented with the second field, but the moment you stop displaying a field, you can no longer sort by it, so having a 'day number' and a 'day name' field didn't work.


And yes, I can simply name my values 1 Monday, 2 Tuesday, but that comes off as slightly condescending, as if users don't know that Monday is the first day... and if I can find a more elegant solution to this problem, I would prefer that.