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    Open URL on local file


      Is it possible to open a file on a local machine using Open URL[]? I've tried a few things, and none of them work (including using an @localhost for the serving, resulting in an FMP error of "Too many licenses..." and an application exit. I've also tried setting the path and using the file:/ protocol to no success.





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          I just got it to work using this script:


          Set Variable $path = "file:/" & Get ( DocumentsPath ) & "/FMReference/invoices.fmp12"

          Open URL =  $path


          If I set the file to auto login with a specified user name & pw, it opens with no prompt

          If I set the file options NOT to auto login, I get prompted for user name & pw.


          Either way, opens fine.  but this file is NOT hosted (on server).  I don't believe you could do this with a hosted file - and maybe not with a shared file.  You could do it with a snapshot link though....


          Hope that helps.



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            Hey thanks...I tried a bunch of variations on that path, but there's a double slash in there after from the document folder that for some reason works. Your path actually resolves to: "file:/Drive/User/Karen//FMReference/invoices.fmp12" That double slash after the home folder threw me off.


            That and a totally bizarre problem. I was using Show Custom Dialog with the $path to error check and that stopped the Open URL from working! Disabling or deleting that script step got it to work again. Don't know if it's just that script step or others too.






            Edit: Upon further reflection, the slash doesn't seem to matter. It was the Show Custom Dialog[] the whole time.


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              I am getting the error 5 on the Open URL as well.

              And what is strange is that it was working.

              Didn't change anything, and now it is not working.

              Tried a reboot of FM, and that did nothing.