Issue with updating a SQL Server ODBC record, cursor problem

Discussion created by cmsmith.acutec on Aug 13, 2012
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Hi - a FileMaker newbie here.


I'm using FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 (on Windows 7 Pro x64) and have added an ODBC connection to my project. I can see all of the tables from my local SQL Server Express install, I can create relationships, I can even add data to them through their generic FileMaker layouts. Something strange happens though after I create a new record and then go back and edit any value in that record and try to create something new. I get this ODBC error:


FileMaker Pro Advanced_2012-08-13_15-56-01.png

The only thing I can do to get out of this error message is hit 'OK' and then completely delete the record. I have Google the crap out of this and have come up with nothing. It appears that this is an issue within FMP's SQL, but I wanted to bring it to the community to see if anyone has dealt with this.


Any help would be great with this. I want to use FMPA for a nice iPad interface, but I can't even get something simple to work.