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Stopping drag-n-drop in runtimes

Question asked by pedantic on Aug 13, 2012

I need to revisit a problem that I requested help from the forum several months ago. The *#@!!#$#@*&! dragon will not stay dead!


The problem is drag-n-drop (no pun intended). The program version is FM11 vs FM6. I have these questions, and possibly more after these (depending upon whether I can satisfy my superiors):


To make sure I am not speaking Greek to this august crowd, please understand that when I say "default value" I mean "factory set value," or "value set for the preference the first time the program is opened."

1.) WRT drag-n-drop, what are the default values for FM6 full version? Are they any different for FM6 runtime?

2.) WRT drag-n-drop, what are the default values for FM11 full version? Are they any different for FM11 runtimes.

3.) Is there ANY way of ensuring that the drag-n-drop preference is turned off in an FM11 runtime short of copying the runtime Preferences file into the appropriate Preferences folder in the Mac, or manipulating the registry on Win boxes?


To explain: In FM6 we had a runtime we sent out to our customers with drag-n-drop turned off. I believe that in FM6 it was turned off by default, not by anything we did.


We just finished porting the program from FM6 to FM11 and now the drag-n-drop preference is turned on by default. What's more, though we can turn it off before shipping the runtime, if the preferences do no exist on the new machine, they are created afresh with default other words, the preferences do not travel with the runtime. If the preferences do exist, then whatever they are, that's what the runtime gets to use until the user changes them manually.


So if anyone can offer some insight into how FM6 differs from FM11 WRT how preferences are handled, then your wisdom would be most appreciated.