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    Parsing Text From Web Page


      Hi All


      I am trying to pull a piece of text from a web page. Here is an example Where I want the variable to return "5-Speed Manual Overdrive"


      <td class="vtitle">Transmission</td>

      <td>5-Speed Manual Overdrive<br/></td>

      <td class="vtitle">Standard Seating</td>



      I am using a custom 'in between' function. However there is a hidden carriage return or something that seperate the lines. I cant find the right text because of that. Any ideas?


      If the page showed as:

      "<td class="vtitle">Transmission</td><td>5-Speed Manual Overdrive<br/></td><td class="vtitle">Standard Seating</td><td>5</td>"


      Then it is easy to find the in between of

      "Transmission</td><td>" and

      "<br/></td><td class="vtitle">Standard Seating"


      Is there a way to included in my search the hidden carriage return?


      Thanks for any thought!