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    How do I report only a found set?


      Maybe my title isn't quite correct, and perhaps this is very simple, but I'm still green!


      I have a database with tables:





      (among other tables I am not listing to try to keep this simple)


      On my EventDetails layout, I have a portal that contains the EventItems table to list all the items that particular event will need.


      Screen shot:


      Screen Shot 2012-08-14 at 15.21.17 .png

      I am having problems with my "Quote" report that I built. The layout is in list form and is displaying ALL the records in the EventsItems table as opposed to just the records with apply to this event.


      Screen Shot 2012-08-14 at 15.36.52 .png


      What is the best way to only show the records needed?




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          I think it is a simple matter. I imagine that you have a script (button) to go to these related records (GTRR) based on the event_ID.

          There are options:

          Pasted Graphic.jpg

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            Hello, Rob.


            You'll likely need to build a script to produce the correct found set. If you want to do this using a button from your data entry layout, you can use a handy script step called Go to Related Record. This tells FileMaker to find all the records that are related to the current record. The script might look something like this:


            If [ not IsEmpty ( EventsItems::ItemNo ) ]

                 Go to Related Record [ Current Record ; Layout: Quote ]

                 Sort [ {sort order you specify} ]

                 Page Setup [ Restore ]

                 Print [ Restore ]

                 Go to Layout [ EventDetails ]

            End If


            You can play with the different options on the various script steps to tailor this to do exactly what you like, but that's the general idea.





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              Yup, that does it. Thanks to both of you! Very simple.